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Getting Started

Video icon Get started quickly with Fiddler Demonstration Videos.<< wrote a quick summary of getting started with Fiddler.

You can read a quick introduction to Fiddler on MSDN.  Or learn about Performance Tuning with Fiddler.


The Fiddler Book

News & Community


NEW Using Fiddler with Windows 8? Read this article for help on debugging Modern Applications.

The HowTo guide explains how to accomplish a variety of tasks with Fiddler.

The User Interface Guide explains the overall Fiddler interface.

NEW Want to present Fiddler to your peers? Start with the Fiddler Intro PowerPoint.

Problems? Check Known Issues and Fiddler FAQ.

Want to have Fiddler automatically used by your web client?  See Configuring clients.

Want to have Fiddler automatically rewrite requests and responses, add or remove headers, or flag/ignore sessions based on rules you specify?  Check out the FiddlerScript Cookbook.

Want to use Fiddler to store a log which can be viewed on another computer, for instance to troubleshoot problems at a customer site?  Check out Logging with Fiddler.

Want to use Fiddler to generate a WebTest file for playback with Visual Studio 2005? Check out Generating WebTests.

Need to use Fiddler with a client that can't use a proxy?  Try Configuring Fiddler as a Reverse Proxy.

Learn more about Decrypting HTTPS traffic with Fiddler2.


Use of Fiddler is covered in the following books:

The following books were consulted during the development of Fiddler:

HTTP Essentials book coverHTTP The Definitive Guide book cover SSL and TLS Essentials book cover


Fiddler Sandbox - Learn to use Fiddler without the risk of damaging your data.

Advanced Fiddling - Learn how to use JScript Rules and Fiddler Inspectors to mark, breakpoint, view and edit traffic.

Useful Information

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