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Bayden ProxyPick

Install ProxyPick (115kb)

Hint: Want a silent / unattended install?  Use the  command line: ProxyPickSetup.exe /S

System Requirements

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Win7
150kb disk space

ProxyPick allows you to quickly change your computer's proxy configuration from a button on the Internet Explorer toolbar.  When you click the button, a HTML UI appears and allows you to select the desired proxy setup.


Note, if you don't see the ProxyPick button after restarting IE, simply right-click the Star Icon Star Icon on IE's toolbar, click Customize Command Bar, and choose Add or Remove Commands. 

If you'd like, you can add the ProxyPick icon to your QuickLaunch bar; simply check the "QuickLaunch Icon" item during setup.

Customizing & Redistributing ProxyPick

When installing ProxyPick, you have the option of installing the Admin Kit.  The Admin Kit includes the ability to recompile the ProxyPick installer to deploy custom settings and UI for use within your organization.  The resulting installer can be run on client computers to easily configure them with the appropriate settings.  To learn more, simply check the "Admin Kit" checkbox during setup, and view AdminKit.txt in the C:\Program Files\ProxyPick\AdminKit folder.

With simple HTML coding, you can even create your own custom interface suitable for your office environment:

Custom ProxyPick UI 


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