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Bayden UAPick

Install UAPick (114kb)

Hint: Want a silent / unattended install?  Use the  command line: UAPickSetup.exe /S

System Requirements

Internet Explorer 8, 9 or IE10/IE11 (Desktop mode only)
150kb disk space

This small little add-on allows you to quickly customize the User-Agent string sent by IE8+ without restarting.


After installing, click "Set User-Agent String" on the classic Tools menu to launch the add-on. If you do not check the "Reuse this UA" box, the user-agent will revert to the default UA string in new IE processes. 

If you'd like to add a toolbar button, right-click the IE toolbar and choose "Customize."  Move the "UA Button" entry from the "Available" column to the "Current" column.

Testing the User-Agent string

There's a UAing test page here:

Adding custom User-Agent strings

You can add custom user-agent strings to this tool by editing your registry.

Create a new REG_SZ named CustomUAList inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Bayden Systems\UAPick.  The list uses a pipe-delimited list of UA names and values. 

For instance:

IE14=Mozilla/14.0 (compat;)|FF6=Mozilla/14.0 (theFutureIsNeat)

Adds two new UA strings to the dropdown list, named "IE14" and "FF6".

To suppress the default UA list included in the default UI, also create a new REG_DWORD named NoDefaults inside \Software\Bayden Systems\UAPick with value 1.

Fully Customized UI

You can completely replace the UI for UAPick by editing your registry.

Create a new REG_SZ named UI_URI inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Bayden Systems\UAPick. This string value contains the URL to your HTML configuration file.  For instance:


Note, you will need to restart IE after changing the UI_URI registry key.

Create a dialog using HTML in the specified location.  A sample UI can be found here (right-click and Save Target As).

If you want to support a different size dialog, create a new REG_SZ named UI_OPTIONS inside HKCU\Software\Bayden Systems\UAPick. This string value contains the options for the open() command, for instance:


That's all there is to it!

IE10+ issues

Please note that this add-on only works in Internet Explorer on the desktop, not in the full-screen experience previously known as "Metro." Metro-IE does not support add-ons of any type.

This add-on also presently only works when Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) is disabled; see Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security. EPM is disabled by default for IE10 and enabled by default in IE11. This limitation can be fixed in the future, but requires an update to the code.


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