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Windows Internet Explorer 9 was released on March 14th, 2011
Beta-1 of IE8 was released on March 5th, 2008.
Beta-2 of IE8 was released on August 27th, 2008.
RC-1 of IE8 was released on January 26th, 2009.
IE8 Final was released on March 19th, 2009.

Where can I install IE? 

Known issues

IE7 "Strict" pages fail to render correctly? 
IE8 user-agent is blocked?

Click the "Compatibility View" button compatviewbtn in the toolbar.

Tips and tricks

How do I install IE7 over IE8?  How do I uninstall IE8? 

Use the system Control Panel to remove IE8 (beta or final) versions. 

See for more information (or this help topic for Windows Vista). 

When you uninstall IE8, your computer will revert back to whatever version of Internet Explorer you had previously.


Issue: How can I tell what rendering mode a page is in?

Hit F12. Look at the Developer Tools toolbar or Emulation tab.


How can I troubleshoot other problems like crashes or hangs?

Please see Troubleshooting tips.


Issue: Creating new tabs is slow?

Usually, this is caused by poorly-performing add-ons.  Please see Troubleshooting tips for information on running IE8 in No Add-ons mode to verify which addon is the culprit.


Issue: DHTML Menus on SharePoint or ASP.NET sites appear blank?

A hotfix is available to correct the buggy HTML generated by ASPNET.  See


Issue: The browser takes a long time (>5 seconds) to start?

This can happen if you have a huge number of sites listed in your Restricted or Trusted sites zone.  Some tools, like "SpyBot Search & Destroy" will place thousands of sites in these zones if you use their "immunize" feature.

This may also be caused by poorly-performing add-ons. See above.


Issue: Visual Studio Wizards do not work properly when IE8 is installed.

 See for the workaround from the Visual Studio team; it consists of setting one registry key.


Issue: Inline autocomplete doesn't work in IE's address bar

This was a by-design change; the workaround is to hit SHIFT+ENTER to automatically open the best match. This gives the closest approximation to the IE5/6/7 user-experience available in IE8.

Changed in IE9; Inline autocomplete is back and on-by-default!


Issue: When I use the Visual Search Suggestions feature, all images show as a red-X

While network problems are a potential culprit, we recently determined that when the user has disabled QuickTabs (inside Tools / Internet Options / Tab Settings) GDI+ is not properly initialized and hence the search suggestion images will not render.

Re-enable QuickTabs to fix this.


Issue: When I hit CTRL+F, a blank white bar appears instead of the expected "Find" bar

This usually means that some program (e.g. an antispyware) deleted some important registry keys.   Try this:

1> Go to a command prompt (run as Administrator).  Enter the following three commands, one at a time.  

  • cd \  
  • c:\windows\system32 
  • regsvr32 oleacc.dll  

2> Restart.  

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