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Get the Add-ons

The following are stable add-ons (virtually all freeware) that work well with Internet Explorer 7 and 8.  I wrote some of these, and others are provided by others in the community.

  • ProxyPick - A quick-switch tool for selecting a different proxy.  (IE5+)
  • UAPick - A quick-switch tool for having IE report a different user-agent string.  (IE8+)
  • X64Button - A simple button which appears in 64bit IE and opens the current page in 32bit IE.  (IE6+)

IEToys - A small suite of powerful add-ons for simple tasks like ad removal, dictionary and encyclopedia lookups, etc.

Mouse Gestures - Mouse gestures allow you to use the right-mouse button + movement to trigger complicated actions.  For instance, you could define UP + RIGHT to mean "Open in background tab".  Or DOWN + RIGHT to mean "Close this page". 

The new "Scripting" feature allows you to hook gestures up to custom scripts; I've configured double-right-click to remove unwanted content like images & Flash.

Right-click on this link RemoveImages.js and use Save Target As... to store it as C:\RemoveImages.js. Then, configure the double-right-click gesture to launch the script:

For Web Developers

See Web Developer add-ons.

For RSS Users

Feeds Plus offers notification of new feeds and an aggregated reading view. (IE7 only)

Feed Folder offers a "Live Bookmarks" style view of feed items from your Favorites menu. (IE7 only.  IE8 has a similar feature built-in).

Other Add-ons

The old IE5 PowerTweaks offer a way to add a site to the Trusted Zone or the Restricted Zone directly from the tools menu.

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